Interview Mindset

Getting in the right mindset before a job interview:

In general, there is a great misconception of interviews whereby people view it as a real test – whereas most employers really do want to get the best out of interviewees. A lot of people when preparing for interviews get extremely nervous, which can impact the impression they give off, when really the aim is to give off the best version of yourself. This is why it’s crucial to get in the right frame of mind before your interview. Sometimes even the people with the best CVs, most valuable experiences and most suitable skills miss out on a job due to not being mentally prepared.Interview Mindset


Being prepared means researching the company, looking at frequently asked questions and knowing how you will get to the interview on the day. This will make you feel more at ease, building your confidence in the information you have studied, knowing what could be required of you. Researching the company is a given when preparing for interviews, particularly being ready for that key question ‘what do you know about us?’. The right preparation will really demonstrate your interest in the role, particularly when you gain a full understanding of the company’s unique service offer and values as a business, as well as putting you in the right frame of mind for the interview. Take time to think about your strong points, what skills make you stand out, what achievements and challenges have you faced? If you write down key points it will help you to remember these during your interview.

Top tip! Prepare 5-6 questions to ask at the end of the interview and ask 3, this way the interviewer will notice you have done your research and that you have applied for the job for the right reasons.


Easier said than done, we know. However, making sure you relax your mind and body by getting some quality sleep, eating properly and not over doing the preparation will make you feel refreshed for the interview. When you have arrived at reception and you are waiting for your interviewer take some deep breaths to calm your nerves. Nerves are natural! But keep telling yourself that you have made it this far, they like the look of your CV and they want you to succeed, so why wouldn’t you?

On time:

As mentioned above, make sure you know the route, the time needed to get there and if there are any possible delays. Even if it’s a route you know well, never let yourself be surprised the amount of hold ups you could face. Getting to the interview 10-15 minutes early will make you feel calm and ready and gives the interviewer enough time to prepare for interviewing you. However, cutting it fine for the interview will add pressure to you and may affect your concentration during the interview as you will most likely be rightly so thinking has hindered your chances for success.

Top tip! Search for a nearby coffee shop, you can stay here and go over a few quick notes to recap your memory before the interview.


There are many ways to project confidence, and remember if you don’t feel it, how could you build yourself up or change that? We believe confidence comes with building relationships, which will happen naturally during an interview making you feel more comfortable as time goes on. Think about your body language and eye contact, here is an article to help with this:

Try and think of these two key points:

  1. Your handshake, make sure it’s firm but not too aggressive.
  2. Smile! It’s a process, if you look too serious it can be off putting.

All the best for your interview from the team at Lighthouse Personnel Ltd!

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