We often get asked what is important when it comes to a positive recruitment experience and our answer will ALWAYS be honest communication. The First Impression is The Last Impression!

If you are recruiting, or looking for a job, the last thing you want is to be kept in the dark.  Which is why regular communication is so important, for both candidates and clients, here are some of the reasons why:

The importance of communication when recruiting

Employer Branding: Effective communication will make potential employees want to work for your company.  

Candidate experience: Positive communication will create a much better impression for potential employees. 

Employee Retention: Good communication will make candidates feel valued in their new roles, which will have a positive impact on staff retention. 

Effective Recruitment: Ensuring timely communication will reduce the time it takes to recruit, meaning that you are more likely to snap up the best talent and get them in post without unnecessary delays. 

Challenges to effective communication

Time: Recruitment can be time consuming which can result in delays when engaging with candidates. There are tools that can help streamline recruitment processes, or you can of course engage with a quality recruitment agency. 

Resource Shortages: You wouldn’t be recruiting if you didn’t need more hands on deck, which is another reason why a professional recruiter can help. 

Lack of Strategy: Establishing a structured recruitment process will help to ensure a consistent approach to communication with candidates.

In summary:

Good communication helps to make the overall recruitment process more effective and informative. Regular communication and feedback throughout the process will make the whole process a much more positive experience for everyone involved.

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