What DO we do?

When it comes to recruitment agencies, some recruiting managers may well ponder what it is that we do that adds value.

Well, the answer is quite a lot (as long as you are using the right recruiter).

1.       Understanding your business

Here at Lighthouse Personnel, we always try to meet with our clients to really understand the business, the culture, the team and EXACTLY what they look for when hiring so we can shortlist the most suitable candidates.

2.       Advertising

We’ve been doing this a long time, so we know the best ways to attract candidates and what stands out in a job advert.  We post adverts via multiple channels and share on our social media platforms to maximise applications. 

3.       Search and Selection / Headhunting

We don’t just sit back and wait for the applications to come in, we actively search for suitable applicants via CV search options on jobs boards, our candidate database and via LinkedIn. Most of our placements come from headhunting, so these are the “pearls” you may be missing out by recruiting yourself.

4.       Pre-screening candidates

Once we have shortlisted suitable candidates, we have a thorough pre-screening process to ensure skills, personality and culture fit.  This means that not only are we just sending over the best handful of candidates for your role, but it also garners commitment from candidates meaning they are genuinely interested in the vacancy.
5.       Aftercare

And it doesn’t all stop after placement; we keep in touch to make sure everything is going well and to answer any questions that may arise. For us is about building long term relationships with our clients and helping our candidates find long term roles that fit with their skills AND values.

And sure, sometimes we don’t get it right, we’re only human after all, but that’s why we have a rebate structure in place just in case it doesn’t work out.